Do you know what sent throw is?

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Do you know what sent throw is? In the world of candle lingo, scent throw is how far the candle scent will travel…throughout your home, room, office…wherever you’re burning it. Christian Ray Candle Co. candles are highly scented and have an AMAZING scent throw! I personally don’t enjoy burning a candle if I can barely smell it. Understandably, there are people who don’t like what they call “strong smelling candles.”  To this I say try a lighter scent. I do sometimes enjoy scents that are light, pineapple orchid and green clover & aloe are lighter fragrances by nature, but, the scents still have the ability to travel throughout your home when burning.  I personally test every fragrance to ensure it has an excellent scent throw. Here’s a tidbit, you may burn a candle in one room and not be able to smell it at all—don’t be so quick to blame the candle—it could be the airflow in your home. For example, if I burn a candle in my foyer the scent travels upstairs. If I want the scent to linger in my foyer, I have to place the candle in my dining room. Just the way the air flows in my home! Try one of our $5 soy candles, it’s a great value, has a long burn time and an AMAZING scent throw!

Latisha - CRCco.


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