Our Story

Doing what I love!


I have fond memories from my childhood of smoky fragrant incense wafting through the home. My mom was always burning them! I use to pretend I was commanding the aromatic tendrils of smoke to move this way and that way. I think that’s where my love of home fragrance began.

Fast forward to my college years, I had a thing for candles—though they were forbidden in the dorm rooms. When I moved off campus I always burned them. I loved how the smell enhanced my space—added that little something extra. What I didn’t love was the black soot that would rim the jar or stain surfaces.

In my adult-life I was introduced to soy candles by a co-worker. I had never experienced a clean-burning candle that smelled so good. I saw how expensive they were so I began to make soy candles as a hobby. I would gift them and later started selling them to family, friends and co-workers. Soon, Christian Ray Artisan Candles was born! Everyone loved my candles! However, I knew that there were design flaws that needed to be improved before I could launch this baby to the world. I tested many different types of wicks, waxes, container sizes, temperature to mix/pour…etc…until one day I finally designed a candle that, to me, was nearly perfect. 

It’s always been my goal to keep my prices as low as possible. That’s why you’ll find that my containers are simple in style and labeling. Don’t get me wrong I love every container I put out, and believe the designs will fit easily into any décor. But I choose to cut costs in those areas and invest more in the quality of the candle itself, to keep them reasonably priced, all while providing you with an amazing product.

Today, we now go by The Christian Ray Candle Co. My beautiful sons are the inspiration behind the name—Christian and Raymond. They even throw in a hand from time-to-time to help me fulfill orders and help with marketing efforts when we attend trade shows or events! I must give a shout out to my husband for his support! And special thanks to my mom for her unwavering love and belief in The Christian Ray Candle Co.