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I wanted to put out a quick note to say, THANK YOU! To my existing customers, thanks for continuing to come back and purchase my products! Repeat business is indicative of how much you love my candles. Your social media posts and reviews are greatly appreciated too! THANK YOU for sharing Christian Ray Candle Co. with people in your sphere of influence.  Your support helps my small business grow and thrive.  If you're not yet a customer and just checking things out, welcome and I hope you would consider trying out my wonderful products! 


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  • Christian Ray Candles are the BEST candles that I have burned and I have tried many brands. They are highly fragrant, they burn evenly and clean. I love the aroma that fills my entire house while burning and the smell lingers for days even after the candle have stopped burning. Christian Ray is my FAVORITE soy candle! Try them and you too will be pleased.


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